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Voice Coaching, Presentation Skills and Building Confidence

Gerald Cox is a voice/presentations coach and works with people on all aspects of voice production and presentation skills.

Everyone can learn how to communicate effectively in any speaking situation whether they are:-

      • addressing a meeting
      • selling a product
      • going to an audition or job interview
      • giving a speech or
      • talking on the phone

The ability to be able to present yourself well is very important in today’s world.

People often feel self-conscious, which will show in their voice and body language.

These are some of the things you can learn to do:-


      • Use your voice properly and increase its strength
      • Add impact and interest to what you say
      • Learn to control and manage your nerves
      • Look, sound and feel confident
      • Build rapport with people
      • Deliver effective and powerful presentations
      • Ensure your key points and messages are put across
      • Deliver professionally and with style
      • Earn the respect of colleagues

What Makes a Successful Communicator?

How do you become a confident public speaker? What is a ‘good’ presentation?

What do you make of the research in the graphic below? How can a mixture of body language and what you sound like make up 93% of the success of a presentation? Is this true? Though this research has been much misinterpreted it makes for some interesting points of discussion.

Graphic - Pie Chart

Many people giving speeches or presentations are convinced that the contents of what they plan to say are all-important. Sometimes hours are spent focusing on finding the right words but actually our body language and how we sound communicate much more than we realize. For example, our posture, the way we use our eyes, the way we use our hands and arms, how we breath, the sound we make – it is all body language. People are often unaware of how much we communicate at a subliminal level through our bodies. Eyes that are unfocused, poor posture, hands and arms we can not control, running out of breath – all of these things communicate a message and feeling to our audience which can be entirely opposite to the one we want to give!

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