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Georgia Borne, Age 19, Paignton/Devon - Monologue/technique training
I came to Gerald’s lessons to have some one on one training for my audition speeches for drama schools that I would be trying out for the following year, in the hope of gaining a better understanding of texts, both contemporary and classical, to use this understanding to then deliver the texts in the appropriate way in response to this.

From attending Gerald’s lessons I not only focused on monologues, but also had training to develop my breathing techniques and pronunciation. I had not learnt any of these exercises before and found them difficult at first but after practice I found they aided me in my delivery of a text. For example, Shakespeare tends to have very long sentences and precise punctuation, being able to take a good breath and control this throughout so that the sentence is finished correctly and no breaths are taken mid way thorough is important. That is something I never knew until being taught so by Gerald and the importance of this. Gerald also spent a much needed amount of time going through the Shakespeare texts line by line so that I had a strong understanding of what each sentence actually meant, which is important when performing a monologue. I leave each lesson exhausted (Which is how you should feel after working intensely on a practice you love!) but so thrilled with how much I have learnt and grown within just an hour and a half lesson, as Gerald manages to teach so much and share so much with me in this short amount of time. These one on one sessions with Gerald are so helpful in giving me confidence and the right techniques to help me attempt any new work I am given using the set of skills Gerald has aided me with.

I would definitely recommend Gerald to any young people looking for some guidance with Shakespeare and modern texts or for technique training lessons for breathing and pronunciation. Gerald is also very generous in lending his students any plays/monologues that they wish to look into which is very helpful when wanting to expand your knowledge and are browsing for new material! I continue to be excited after each lesson as I feel confident that I have gained more knowledge and a better sense of understanding of the texts I am doing and hence why I will continue to visit Gerald in the future for any top up lessons!

I am currently in my 2nd year of auditioning for drama schools at age 19 and have recall auditions for LIPA (Liverpool institute of performing arts) and BSA (Birmingham school of acting), I don’t think I would be where I am in my training if it wasn’t for Gerald!

Just emailing to say that I have been successful at my last and final audition of this year at the Drama Studio London. I will be starting their 3 year BA honour degree course in September!!! I am so excited and so glad my hard work has paid off, I would like to thank you again for all your help and guidance.

University Administrator; Exeter
Following your coaching sessions in the summer, I just wanted to write to let you know that I have since given a couple of presentations at work. I am still far from the world’s best speaker but I think I am slowly making improvements based on your sound practical and mental advice. Also, much more fun, the exercises which we did with the piano and your comments spurred me on to look for a choir. I found a friendly choir with no auditions. The choir master is great and teaches us lots of voice exercises. The singing is good for general voice practice as well as, to use your words, being a joyous thing. I was reminded to write to you as last week I took part in the Christmas concert. It has been literally years since I attempted to do anything on a stage in front of lots of people but I really enjoyed the whole thing. So thanks you very much for your help and inspiration!
Veterinary Surgeon, Exeter
My boss first approached Gerald about me having voice coaching because I lacked confidence which I found reflected in my speech. I would often mumble and I am naturally very quietly spoken. My boss felt having voice coaching would help to improve my confidence and communication skills with clients and colleagues. I was a bit dubious at first as this was a very new experience and I felt very self-conscious, however Gerald made me feel very comfortable and it wasn’t long before I felt able to be myself with Gerald.

I had four sessions in total, just after my last session I had to deliver a 30 minute presentation to 30 clients which went really well! I don’t think I could have done this before I met Gerald. It gave me a massive confidence boost, and I still think about the new skills he taught me on a regular basis so voice coaching has definitely had a positive effect on my life. I would recommend Gerald to anyone, especially those feeling worried about taking the first big step to making a change, as Gerald will make you feel very at ease.

Political Activist, Devon
Having been to see Gerald Cox for two sets of 8 week sessions I was amazed at how the lessons he taught me stuck with me in my subconscious. The lessons gave me the confidence to stand up in public and make my point heard in a friendly and persuasive manner. The benefits of his lessons have reached far beyond my professional life into my Sporting and Musical activities.

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