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The sessions take place in my home in Dartington and last for between one and three hours. The cost per hour is £50.00.

It is possible for me to have two people at the same time. The fee for this is £35.00 per hour, per person.

Where time and budget allow, I recommend that a client does a two-hour first session. If the person needs breathing and diction exercises then this enables both to be taught in one session. Results are quicker when people work on both exercises together after the session.

When clients travel some distance to see me or have a particularly important presentation to give, they sometimes opt for a three-hour session.

What people are saying..

Curate- Exeter Diocese
A large part of my job involves public speaking and so I wanted to invest some time in improving my communication. While I felt that my communication skills were okay I knew there were certain areas which I needed to work on but was unsure how to improve them. The sessions were relaxed and involved a mixture of breathing techniques, muscle strengthening and diction exercises. I have particularly valued the way I have been given exercises to go away with and practice. A number of people have commentated on an improvement in diction. I would recommend voice coaching as it has given me tools to work with in improving effective communication.
Finance Director; Paignton
I am a finance director and business owner. In recent months I had lost my confidence in Public speaking, Gerald Cox, assessed my skills, identified where I need to improve in such a way to rebuild my confidence. He coached me on how to speak over the phone and in front of groups of people. I found this instruction very beneficial.
University Lecturer, Exeter
Gerald Cox has helped me make significant improvements to my public speaking. Working with him has been great fun. I am now a far more effective lecturer. My audiences have certainly noticed the difference: feedback is overwhelmingly positive.
Managing Director, Building Contractors
Gerald made the whole experience of having to speak in public a positive experience. I suffer with nerves at the thought of speaking to a large audience and Gerald gave me the tools to not only stay calm and clear but have the confidence to know that I can do it. His teaching methods are good fun, work well and even helped me learn my speech.

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